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40 Min Fire Escape Mask

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05 / 12 / 2020
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Depot Safety is the No. 1 Occupational Health and Safety Service Company in Indonesia

Detail 40 Min Fire Escape Mask

Details: This respirator is intended for applications in governmental institution, hotels, office building, forests, air ports, department stores, banks ships, post offices, powder industry, telecommunications, subways, recreation centers, refineries and chemical industry, etc, as an essential breathing-protective device for personal safety in fire accidents. Main technical properties( confroming to GA209-1999 of the Ministry of Public Security) 1. Effective Hours: Tyoe 40> = 40min. With good air tigheness and mutiple protections against poison gas, fire, heat radiation and smole and suitable for all kinds of adult faces. 2. Useful protection: Against carbon monoxide( CO) , hydrogen cyanide( HCN) , poison smaok and fog. 3. Mist permeability coefficient: < 5% 4. Inhalation resistance: < 800Pa: Exhalation Resistance: < 300Pa Operation Procedures 1. Open the box and take out the vacuum packing 2. Tear off the vacuum packing bag, take out the respirator and pull out the two plugs respectively.
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