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Akron Fire Nozzles 1 inchi ProVenger Style 1602

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13 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Akron Fire Nozzles 1 Inchi ProVenger Style 1602

Akron Fire Nozzles 1" ProVenger SG Fire Hose Nozzle
1" ProVenger SG Fire Hose NozzleNew The 1" ProVenger SG fire hose nozzle is the selectable gallonage style for the ProVenger Series Nozzles. ProVenger SG is a constant gallonage (flow remains the same in all patterns) with various flow setting for frontline flow control. ProVenger SG is an unbeatable value with the performance that you demand. Low flow options, starting at 5 gpm (19 lpm) , are available within the 1" (25 mm) ProVenger line. The new, lower flows aid firefighters in regulating the amount of water needed to extinguish various fires. The 1" nozzles are perfect for wildland and gas cooling applications. Find an Akron Brass distributor near you to learn more about this fire hose nozzle. Features Great stream performance Simplified nozzle training Affordably priced Easy to operate Quickly adjust from straight stream to full fog with only a quarter-turn rotation Raised indicator lug on the bumper for easy pattern identification Multiple pattern detents Integrated control ring does not require you to flush the nozzle without shutting down or changing stream patterns NFPA 1964 compliant Meets European CE Standard EN 15182 (must specify when ordering) Detent on CE version only 5 year warranty Swivel Inlet 1" NH (25.4 mm) 5-10-20-40 gpm @ 75 or 100 psi (19-40-75-150 lpm @ 5 or 7 bar) 12-23-34 @ 86 psi ( 45-85-130-200 lpm @ 6 bar)

Applications / Solutions Fire OEMs Firefighting
- Airport ( ARFF) Firefighting
- Industrial Firefighting
- Structural Firefighting
- Wildland Forestry Certification Certification NFPA 1964 CE

1" ProVenger SG Fire Hose Nozzle Style 1602
Certification NFPA 1964 - CE
Warranty : 5 Year
Weight : 3 lbs (1.4 kg)
Material : Pyrolite
Swivel Inlet : 1" NH (25.4 mm)
Length : 9 1/4” (235 mm)
Flow (GPM) : 5-10-20-40 GPM @ 75 or 100 psi or 12-23-34 GPM @ 86 psi
Flow (LPM) : 19-40-75-150 LPM @ 5 or 7 bar or 45-85-130-200 LPM @ 6 bar

Style 1602 (Selectable gallonage) A Lightweight fog and straight stream nozzle with multiple gallonage settings shall be provided. The nozzle shall have the option of spinning turbine teeth, molded teeth or no teeth, feature multiple flow indicating detents for 5, 10, 20, 40, and 50 gpm (19, 40, 75, 150, and 189 lpm) at 75 or 100 psi (5, or 7 bar) and12, 23, 34, and 53 gpm (45, 85, 130, and 200 lpm) at 86 psi ( 6 bar) , a one-piece solid nylon reinforced bumper, one-piece solid rubber-like handle with dual stops, dual drive trunnions, and an extruded single piece Pyrolite body. The nozzle shall have an optional solid rubber-like pistol grip that can be easily removed. The nozzle also shall have a minimum 110° fog pattern, a fulltime swivel inlet, be capable of flushing without shutting down or changing stream patterns, and a 5 year warranty. The nozzle must meet all aspects of NFPA 1964 with test results available.
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