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Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System Alarm Panels Notifiers

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15 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System Alarm Panels Notifiers

Notifier Fire Alarm - Sprinklermatic Fire Protection Systems http: / / watch? v= TQJuzCEZ7CI Products Fire Alarm System Full Addressable Notifier by Honeywell offer the ultimate in Fire Protection Technology. The unparalleled agility of the AFP-2800 non-proprietary, addressable, analogue Fire Indicator Panel coupled with the extensive range of sensors, detectors and ancillary devices available from Notifier offer the Industry the ability to provide their Clients with security and peace of mind. Notifiers ONYXWorks® graphical interface and integration products makes monitoring your fire system from anywhere in the World an affordable option, while the unique FirstVision™ first responders package opens new frontiers for the management and control of a fire event. Our affinity with global suppliers such as Xtralis, System Sensor, KAC and many others guarantee you access to the best detection and warning systems available. Product Description: The AFP-2800 is an intelligent, analogue addressable panel with non-proprietary programming tools, approved to AS 4428.1 - 1998 and NZS 4512: 2003 and listed in ActivFire® ( afp-1459) and the NZ Fire Equipment Register. The modular hardware design and flexible non-proprietary programming interface allows the user to easily configure the AFP-2800 in the field. Features: * Up to 10 addressable loops * Upto 159 detectors and 159 modules per loop * Networkable up to 102 nodes * 1 distributed ring * 3 levels of passwords( 5 per level) * Selectable event printing ( all events, alarms only, none) * 4000 event, event log * Boolean logic - simple programming * Day / Night mode
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