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Ansul JET-X High-Expansion Foam Concentrates

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05 / 12 / 2020
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Detail Ansul JET-X High-Expansion Foam Concentrates

Class A, B, & LNG Fires High-Expansion Foam JET-X High-Expansion Foam Concentrates are flexible firefighting agents, used in fighting Class A, Class B, and LNG fires both indoors and outdoors. Expansion ratios from 50: 1 up to 1000: 1 make them suitable for a variety of applications including aircraft hangars, flammable liquid storage areas, and LNG facilities. When used with high-expansion generators, JET-X High-Expansion Foam Concentrate can fill large areas, such as aircraft hangars, warehouses, ship cargo holds, mine shafts, and extinguish horizontal and vertical ( three-dimensional) fires. When used with medium-expansion foam equipment, the concentrate forms a foam blanket that prevents the release of fuel vapor and also provides additional cooling due to the higher water content. Medium-expansion foam has benefits in outdoor applications because the foam is less affected by wind conditions. Agent features: Minimal water damage to structure or contents Hazardous run-off is greatly reduced compared to sprinkler systems, which require large volumes of water Little or no damage to electrical equipment Available in 2% concentrate for use in fresh water Available in 2 ¾ % concentrate for use in fresh, hard or salt water UL listed, the concentrates are available in a 5 gal ( 19 L) pail, 55 gal ( 208 L) drum, or 265 gal ( 1003 L) tote.
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