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Baju Tahan Api 700 Series Proximity Suits

Baju Tahan Api 700 Series Proximity Suits

Update Terakhir 14 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Baju Tahan Api 700 Series Proximity Suits

700 Series Proximity Suits
Fyrepel’ s 700 and 705 Series Proximity Suits are designed for performance of maintenance and repairs in high heat areas. Workers wearing these proximity garments are insulated form harm by Fyrepel’ s unique, proven multi layer construction, with the outer layer composed of high temperature Aluminized Glass.

An additional moisture/ steam barrier lining provides protection in areas where exposure to hot liquids, steam, or hot vapor is a possibility.

Redesigned for better fit, the 700 and 705 Series Suits are available in coverall or coat and pant styles.
The coverall or the coat and pant styles are available with an SCBA accommodation, if required.
The 700 Series Suit comes complete with a hood, gold reflective faceshield, coat, pants, mitts and boots.
The 705 Series Coverall comes complete with a hood with gold reflective faceshield, coverall, boots and mitts.
Both series are offered in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
Individual replacement components are available. Handy duffel/ storage bags are also available.

Applications 700 and 705 Series Proximity Suits are used by industries which bake on finishes, such as auto, office furniture, and appliance manufacturers. The Proximity Suits may also be used in oven and conveyor repair.

Model Numbers 700/ BA : Proximity Suit complete, SCBA accommodation 700 : Proximity Suit complete 705/ BA : Proximity Coverall complete, SCBA accommodation 705 : Proximity Coverallcomplete. Suit Components 709 : Proximity Hood Suitable for use with coverall with SCBA 710LG : Proximity Hood 722BA : Proximity Coverall with SCBA 722 : Proximity Coverall 720 BA : Proximity Coat with SCBA 720 : Proximity Coat 730 : Proximity Pants 755 : Proximity Boots 740 : Proximity Mitts

Approved : EN11612: 2008
Heat Protective Clothing Aluminised Protection against Ambient and Radiant Heat.
CE Certification Series 300 and 500 are certified to EN 11612 ( Flame and Heat Protection) and EN 11611 ( Welding and Allied Processes).

The heat protection leavels achieved for Convective Heat ( EN 9151), Radiant Heat ( EN 6942) and Contact Heat ( ISO 12127) EN 11612 Cerification Series 700 Limited Flame Spread A1 : Pass Limited Flame Spread A2 : Pass Convective Heat Code B : 78.1s - B3 Radiant Heat Code C : > 600s - C4 Contact Heat Code F : 41.9s - F3

Material Selection Fyrepel offers the 900 and 700 Series in Aluminized Glass only.
The 500 and 300 series are offered with a choice of materials. Each fabric has specific properties that help you decide your material selection.
Aluminized Glass Aluminized Glass combines the reflectivity of an aluminized outer surface with glass fabric.
Glass fabric neither burns or supports combustion, and offers a combination of properties from high strength to fire resistance.
It is a stable material that will not stretch or shrink, even after exposure to extremely high or low temperatures. The following definitions are given as reference in selecting the proper clothing for heat protection.
Ambient Heat is surrounding atmospheric temperature in a given situation.

Examples are: 65Ú F-70Ú F ( 18Ú C-21Ú C) in an office; 1600Ú C in a fire walk.
Conductive Heat is generated by direct contact with a hot surface.

Examples are: picking up a burning block at 600Ú F ( 315Ú C) ; leaning against a furnace wall at 1000Ú F ( 537Ú C). Radiant Heat is generated by the sun or source of fire, such as a fireplace or furnace, and is absorbed by masses of material struck by the heat’ s rays.

This is why it is cooler in the shade on a sunny, hot day. 700 Series Outer Shell Liner 100% Aluminized Glass
1. AL Foil
2. Fiberglass Insulation
3. Neoprene Coated Nylon
4. Fiberglass Insulation