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Breathing Apparatus | Kawasaki

Breathing Apparatus | Kawasaki

Update Terakhir 22 / 12 / 2020
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Breathing Apparatus ( ALAT BANT PERNAFASAN ) Breathing apparatus ( LW 300) is a self-contained compressed-air breathing apparatus. It is designed on the open-circuit system in which the exhaled air is discharged from a wearer to the atmosphere. Function The breathing apparatus is to supply air to enable a wearer to work in an oxygen-deficient or toxic atmosphere. Specifications The overall weight of the breathing apparatus together with a fully charged cylinder is 11 kg. The breathing apparatus consists of the following components : * a composite carbon fibre lightweight cylinder holding 1829 litres when fully charged to 300 bars; * a regulator unit and pressure gauge manifold assembly; * a facemask ( a positive pressure greater than ambient is maintained within the face mask to obviate inward leakage into mask during inhalation) ; * a backplate and a harness. Tersedia bermacam - macam merk : - Villager ( china ) - Spasciani ( italy ) - kawasaki ( japan ) - Draeger ( Jerman ) - Dll