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Breathing Apparatus MSA | MSA | SCBA MSA

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03 / 12 / 2020
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Detail Breathing Apparatus MSA | MSA | SCBA MSA

Product Description Applications Chemical Clan Labs Electric Utility Fire Fighting Nuclear Oil and Gas Hazards Confined Space Fire Oxygen Deficiency Toxic Atmosphere IDLH Product Information MSA’ s new FireHawk M7 Responder Air Mask is uniquely versatile protection that can quickly be transformed into a CBRN air-purifying respirator ( APR) or a CBRN powered air-purifying respirator ( PAPR) . You can change respirator modes as your job changes direction from first response and rescue to scene management and remediation activities. Firefighters typically are the first to respond to any incident whether it is a residential fire, an accident, or any unknown threat. MSA’ s FireHawk M7 Responder Air Mask provides the maximum level of protection for CBRN environments. However, that amount of protection is not always needed, especially outside the immediate fire scene. Once the hazard has been assessed, air-purifying respirators ( APR) may make the most sense for low concentrations of certain contaminants. The M7 Responder facepiece is NIOSH approved for the SCBA, PAPR and APR configurations, in accordance with the MSA users instructions. This practical emergency respiratory protection system meets/ exceeds the latest requirements of NFPA and NIOSH standards ( see ATO ordering information for details) . It’ s the first and only of its kind, and an emergency responder’ s dream come true
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