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Breathing Apparatus Spasciani RN/ BN 1903 C

Breathing Apparatus Spasciani RN/ BN 1903 C

Update Terakhir 16 / 12 / 2020
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Detail Breathing Apparatus Spasciani RN/ BN 1903 C

Breathing Apparatus Spasciani RN/ BN 1903 C | SCBA Spasciani RN/ BN 1903 C RN/ BN 1903 C is a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus designed for maintenance interventions in chemical plants and industrial areas, for rescue intervention and, generally, in all cases where there is, or may be, oxygen deficiency. RN/ BN 1903 C adds on maximum safety and comfort the efficiency, versatility and simple use of the MK2 System, as well as the astonishing field of vision of the Spasciani TR 2002 BN mask. TR 2002 BN mask is provided with a special dual use connection enabling to use the mask in positive or negative pressure. A special patented device automatically corrects valve loading to adapt it to the device connected. The mask is provided with a special quick connector to DIN 58600 and with a standard screw connector according to EN 148-1, it can therefore be used in positive pressure with Spasciani breathing apparatus equipped with type BN demand valve and with filters and other negative pressure devices. RN/ BN 1903 C is fitted with an automatic demand valve which keeps a positive pressure in the mask thus avoiding any possible inward leakage of contaminated air from the outside. Should it become necessary the positive pressure mode can be activated by acting on the special button that acts as a supplementary air command, too. The demand valve is connected to the medium pressure hose by means of a quick coupling which allows to disconnect it very easily for maintenance. RN/ BN 1903 C takes advantage from the unique MK2 System warning built into the demand valve. This is activated when the pressure left in the cylinder drops below 55 bar. The signal originates from a sounding vibration caused by every inhalation. In this way the full capacity of cylinder is made available to the user for breathing. The acoustic warning is related to the respiratory frequency of the user and allows the user to distinguish his own signal from that emitted by nearby fellows or noise ( Self Test Function) . The location of the warning device protects it from frost or dirt. The back plate is made of blow moulded polypropylene, it is extremely robust and anatomically shaped to allow a comfortable distribution of weight and remains steady on the wearer’ s back even when crouching or crawling. The supporting harness is provided with a special padding to increase comfort and can be equipped, on demand, with a soft belt in the hips area to increase portability of the equipment. Special handles integral with the backplate are provided for carrying the set along. The pressure reducer keeps the outlet pressure constant throughout the emptying of the cylinder and is connected to an easy to read phosphorescent gauge. The composite cylinder has a capacity of 9 litres with a pressure of 300 bar and is fitted with a valve to EN 144. RN/ BN 1903 C can also be used in conjunction with a wheeled BA Spasciani RC or an air line feeding system by means of the optional 4-way valve. Technical Data Pressure Reducer: piston with compensator Automatic Demand Valve: with integral alarm device and supplementary supply button Setting of the Alarm: 55 ± 5 bar Volume/ pressure of Cylinder: 9 l/ 300 bar Air reserve: 2500 N litres Duration: 83 min at an average consumption of 30 l/ min for a single user Classification and Marking Certified Type 1 to EN137: 2006 and meeting with directives 98/ 686/ EEC ( PPE) and 97/ 23/ EC ( PED) Materials Mask: TR 2002 BN Outer face blank: EPDM Panoramic Visor: scratch and solvent resistant polycarbonate Inner Nose Cup: TPE Five arm head harness: EPDM Carrying strap: PVC Backplate: thermoplastic polypropylene Harness with padding: self-extinguishing webbing and elastomeric foam Pressure reducer: brass alloy nickel plated Automatic Demand Valve: fiber glass reinforced nylon housing Cylinder: Composite Weight 12 Kg approx., set complete with mask and fully charged cylinder Dimensions 310x660x220 mm, measured with set laying down on a flat surface. scba