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Emergency Escape Breathing Devices | CCS

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03 / 12 / 2020
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Detail Emergency Escape Breathing Devices | CCS

Emergency Escape Breathing Devices | CCS Details The EEBD is manufacatured according to the requirements of IMO for emergency escape. It provides respiratory and eye protection in an atmosphere that will not support life.CCS Certificate can be providen. Structure Unit 1. Spare Cylinder 2. Head Cover 3. Pressure Reducer 4. Pressure Gauge for EEBD 5. Rubber Hose 6. Satchel Assemble Features 1. Easy to wear: Be equipped with a hood which means it can be easily worn by any user in an emergency, even relatively untrained individuals or people with beards or spectacles.The integrated neck collar ensures a tight seal preventing ingress of any smoke or harmful gases into the hood. 2. Automatic start: Be activated automatically when the carrying bag is opend.Simply donning the hood will start the constant flow of breathable air to the wearer. 3. Complete head protection: The hood itself means the wearer is completely protected from the neck up from the effects of heat, smoke or harmful gases. 4. Low running costs: Be maintenance-free for six years 5. Secure controls: A clearly signal will sound when the supply of breathable air has been used up. 6. Bright color: Be highly visible to rescuers even in the dark Technical Data Type : THB/ 10-I Cylinder Volume : 2.2 L Working pressure : 21 Mpa Duration of usage min : e10 Weight : 7 Kg Package Dimension : 48* 16* 26 cm Type : THB/ 15-I Cylinder Volume : 3 L Working pressure : 21 Mpa Duration of usage min : e15 Weight : 9.5 Kg Package Dimension : 60* 16* 26 cm
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