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Fire Alarm Control Panel Horing Lih Model QP112

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Fire Alarm Control Panel Horing Lih Model QP112

Fire Alarm Control Panel Horing Lih
Type : QP112
Characteristics Removable front board for easy maintenance. Easy-to-clean front board is able to avoid dirt attached. High luminance and long life span LED. Build-in 24V power and battery charger. Compatible with most brands of conventional detectors. Independent visual & audible indication for zone open/ short fault. Independent visual & audible indication for AC power & battery fault. Visual & audible indication for sounder short circuit fault. Buzzer silence with 3-mode operation feature. Short circuit = Alarm feature (selected by JUMPER, applicable for manual call point w/ o resistance) Accurate supervision circuit for battery.

Model QP112
Power 220V AC, 50/ 60Hz
* Others also available Battery Capacity 24V/1.2Ah Max. Output Current 1A # of heat detectors connected No limit
* Except electronic-type # of smoke detectors connected 30/zone
* Horing Lih manufactured End of Line Resistor 4.7 k©

Material 1.2mm steel plate
Dimensions (H x W x D) 203 x 273 x 72 (mm)
Approval C E
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