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Fire Alarm System | Pyramid

Fire Alarm System | Pyramid

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
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Keterangan Fire alarms & smoke detection With more than 90% of calls to the fire service being false alarms the choice of system is critical. There are many issues that can cause false alarms from incorrect choice of detection to lack of maintenance. Selecting the right system for each building or plant is therefore most important. Pyramids specialist surveyors and engineers are all qualified in specifying the right type of detection equipment and will work in conjunction with your engineers and specialists to maximise the system cover whilst minimising the risk of false alarms. Pyramid offers a large number of detection and control systems. The most sophisticated are intelligent analogue addressable alarms which have been proven to successfully reduce the occurance of false alarms. Whilst conventional detection systems are more suitable for the smaller location where low installation costs are paramount. We have gained many years experience in the installation and maintenance of fire detection systems in hazardous areas using both conventional and analogue addressable intrinsically safe equipment, in particular using Autronica addressable equipment for which Pyramid is an approved specialist. The very earliest warning of a fire is available with highly sophisticated High Sensitivity aspirating Smoke Detection, typically used in Data and Telecom rooms but increasingly utilised in more difficult locations such as cold stores, warehouses etc. fire alarms from Pyramid Fire Protection, Sheffield South Yorkshire UK