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Fire Blanket - Titan 21

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06 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Fire Blanket - Titan 21


Titan 21 Fire Blanket is a 100% cotton allowing our skin to breathe normally and comfortably.

Titan 21 protects people from fire and can be used to blanket fire source to extinguish.

Titan 21 is ideal for houses, offices, hospitals, hotels, buses, ships, nightclubs / karaokes, factories hotworks etc.

Titan 21 can be used as a blanket in any fire rescue operation, camping, military operations etc.

Synthetics Fire Blanket are designed to withstand Flash Fire only, Titan 21 protects people from Flash Fire as well as Direct Fire attack to over 1000 0C.

Testing Labs Titan 21 :

International Standard BS476 part 6 & part 7 Class O (LPC BRE UK, SIRIM Malaysia and BOMBA Malaysia), ASTM E84-07 (USA), NFPA 701 and NFPA 2112

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