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Fire Monitors Protek Style # 636 Station Monitor

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Fire Monitors Protek Style # 636 Station Monitor

Industrial Monitors Unique Features of Protek Industrial Monitors Station Monitor 1. Powder coating gives a tough corrosion resistant finish 2. Positive friction locks on both horizontal and vertical 3. Stainless steel lever 4. Major component made from bronze alloy ( UNS C83600, ASTM B62) for a long in serving life 5. Able to be supplied with extensive flange options: ANSI, ASA, DIN or ISO. 6. A double row of stainless steel ball bearing in monitor joints ensure easy movement even when monitor is under pressure 7. A comprehensive range of water and self-educting foam master stream nozzles available to fit for any application 8. Grease fittings for easy lubrication Fire Monitor Style # 636 Monitor - Corrosion resistant bronze construction ideal for marine, offshore, industrial or corrosive environment - Full 2-1/ 2” waterway - Flow Up to 750 GPM ( 2, 840 LPM) - Full 360 degrees rotation - Vertical travel of 135 degrees from 75 degrees above to 60 degrees below horizontal - Positive friction locks on both horizontal and vertical travel to hold the desired position - Stainless steel lever - Operating pressure of 200 PSI ( 14 bar) - Standard unit painted red STYLE 636 HEIGHT 18” WIDTH 14” INLET 3” or 4” FL OUTLET 2.5” WEIGHT 46 LBS FLOW 750 GPM
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