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Fire Sentry Battery Operated Terbaik

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08 / 12 / 2020
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Detail Fire Sentry Battery Operated Terbaik

Fire Sentry Battery Operated 4” Smoke Alarm Model i9040 ( formerly Model 0914) Description The Fire Sentry i9040 smoke alarm is a battery operated smoke alarm that utilizes ionization sensing technology. The four ( 4) inch unit is smaller in diameter giving it discreet design with the same quality you would expect in a Kidde manufactured product. The i9040 is powered by a 9V battery, providing continuous protection, even during power outages. This easy to install unit includes a testbutton to verify the detection electronics are working as intended. Consumer Benefits The Fire Sentry i9040 battery operated, single station smoke alarm provides an early warning signal to you and your family in the event of a fire hazard. The i9040 operates on a 9V battery power source that provided continuous protection even during a power outage, Installation is easy, no wiring required. This unit is UL Listed and includes a 3 year limited warranty. Features and Benefits • Battery Operated ( 9V Battery Included) – Easy installation and provides continuous protection even during power outages. • Test Button – Tests unit’ s electronic circuitry, horn and battery function. • Low Battery Indicator – Low battery warning chirp alerts user to change battery. • Discreet Design – Four ( 4) inch diameter Fire Sentry Battery Operated 4” Smoke Alarm Architectural and Engineering Specifications The smoke alarm shall be Kidde Model Number i9040 or approved equal. It shall be powered by a 9V battery. The unit shall incorporate an ionization smoke sensor with nominal sensitivity of 0.52-1.12% / ft. The temperature operating range shall be between 40° F and 100° F ( 4° C and 38° C) and the humidity operating range shall be up to 85% relative humidity. The alarm can be installed on the surface of any wall or ceiling following the UL/ NFPA/ Manufacturer’ s recommended placement guidelines.The alarm shall include a test button that will electronically simulate the presence of smoke an cause the unit go into alarm. This sequence tests the unit’ s electronics, battery and horn to ensure proper operation.The unit shall include a piezoelectric horn that is rated at 85 decibels at 10 feet. The alarm shall produce the ANSI S3.41 three pulse temporal pattern audible emergency evacuation signal.The unit shall also indicate a low battery warning utilizing a brief alarm chirp ever 30-40 seconds for a minimum of seven ( 7) days.The smoke alarm shall at a minimum meet the requirements of UL 217, NFPA 72, The California State Fire Marshall, NFPA 101 ( One and two family dwellings Federal Housing Authority ( FHA) . It shall also include a 3-year manufacturer’ s limited warranty. Technical Specifications Model Number: i9040 Power Source : 9V Battery ( included) Audio Alarm : 85dB at 10ft Temperature Range : 40Ú F to 100Ú F ( 4° C to 38° C) Humidity Range : up to 85% relative humidity ( RH) Sensor : Ionization Size : 4” in diameter x 1.45” depth Weight : .5lbs Interconnects : No Warranty : 3 year limited
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