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Floating Pump Niagara 2 Plus

Floating Pump Niagara 2 Plus

Update Terakhir 10 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Floating Pump Niagara 2 Plus


Floating pumps are widely applied by rescue services. Except of the main group of recipients – fireman – they are also appreciated by municipal services, foresters, builders – everywhere, where pumping of water is necessary. Small dimension of the pumps at optimum capacity make them ideal for application in emergency situations, where time and efficiency of work count. Thanks to application of combustion engine drive, the pumps can be used in any place, without access to electric energy. Floating pumps can be used for filling of fire engine containers, without necessity of making a water reservoir as well as for emergency irrigation or dehydration of agricultural areas. Good pumping head enables application of the floating pump on territories of different shape. For rescue services, the floating pumps are for many years the symbol of reliability.

Technical Data

Model  : Niagara 2 Plus  
Maximum output  : 1200 dm³/min  
Nominal output (at 2 bar)  : 454 dm³/min  
Max. water throw  : 30 m  
Pumping head  : to 30 m of water coulumn  
Strorz-type coupling  : 75  
Min.suction depth  : 15 mm  
Engine  : Honda GXV 160  
Power (3600 rpm)  : 3,2 kW  
Fuel consumption  : 1,25 l/h  
Tank capacity  : 5,30 l  
Operation time  : 4,0 hours  
Weight  : 32 kg  
Dimensions  : 780 x 630 x 420 mm  
Certificate  : CNBOP-PIB

Basic Features

 Possibility of application in all rescue and fire fighting vehicles of National and Voluntary Fire Brigade.
 Low weight and small dimensions enable transportation (also in majority of passenger cars) to the place of action even in a difficult terrain.
 Unsinkable floater made of high-density polyethylen (HDPE).
 Supplying of water with considerable grade of pollution, which makes pumping of water out of flooded cellars and other objects easier.
 Application of a four-stroke engine – preparation of a petrol-oil-mixture is not necessary.
 Used mechanical seal guarantee long operational life of the pump.
 The engine is equipped with revolution control system, enabling keeping the maximum pump capacity.
 Components of the pump made of special aluminium alloys for corrosion resistance.

Quality and Safety

Manufactured according to requirements of domestic and UE-market on the basis of certified quality assurance system ISO 9001.In compliance with technical and operational requirements according to Order of Ministry of Interior and Administration and Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.