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Garrett MT 5500 - Walk Through Metal Detector

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12 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Garrett MT 5500 - Walk Through Metal Detector

Garrett MT 5500 

Walk Through Metal Detector MT 5500™

Walk-Through Metal Detector US / INTERNATIONAL PN 1167700 / 1167720

Garrett MT 5500 Walk-Through Metal Detector

The Garrett MT 5500 walk-through detector provides maximum throughput with exceptional scanning technology— locating metal targets on the left, right or center of its archway.

The popular MT 5500 meets the demanding needs of security professionals worldwide who trust its ability to maintain patron flow rate with minimal alarms.

Garrett MT 5500™ Walk-Through Metal Detector Maximum throughput

The Garrett MT 5500 walk through offers exceptional scanning technology with a uniform detection field that eliminates “ hot spots.

” 20 Standard programs for security application versatility Rugged, lightweight design for simple maintenance and easy portability MT 5500™

Walk-Through Metal Detector US / INTERNATIONAL

Beige PN 1167700 / 1167720

* Three levels of audio and visual detection Dual alarm LED lights, audible alarms and target area location indication.

Multi-dimensional scanning indicates whether a metal target is located on the left, right or center of the archway. Microprocessor technology in detection and control circuitry.

Maximum of 200 distinct sensitivity levels.

Three levels of floor boost sensitivity to customize detection.

des Euro plug.

Regulatory Information:

The MT 5500 meets U.S. and international regulatory requirements for electromagnetic safety.

Extensive research has found no information that would indicate Garrett products have adverse effects on pregnancy, medical devices ( such as pacemakers) or magnetic recording media.

However, directives by physicians and medical device manufacturers regarding metal detectors should be followed. 1544300 REV E, March 2014 © 2014 Garrett Electronics, Inc.

Tamper-Proof Settings Dual-level access codes required to set or change all sensitivity settings and detection programs; one level for use by supervisors in selecting programs and sensitivity and the other for initial set up and overall control; non-resettable sequence code logs whenever codes are accessed.

An audible alarm reports unauthorized attempts at access.

Easy assembly The MT 5500’ s modular design allows for a quick and simple assembly of its four ( 4) sub assemblies using only eight ( 8) screws and three ( 3) internal cable connections. Interference Suppression 100% sensor coil Faraday shielding; RFI interference reduced with hardware; special Garrett built-in circuitry for noise suppression and ignoring x-ray monitors.

Physical interference minimized by coil design and circuitry Garrett MT 5500™

Walk-Through Metal Detector 1.800.234.6151 ( USA and Canada) 1.972.494.6151 1881 W.

State Street Garland, TX 75042

Made in the USA The Garrett MT 5500 is a popular walk-through metal detector because it provides maximum throughput with exceptional multi-dimensional scanning.

The Garrett MT 5500 meets the demanding needs of security professionals worldwide who trust its ability to maintain patron flow rate with minimal alarms.

Standard Programs 20 application programs included Sensitivity Up to 200 distinct sensitivity levels Traffic Counter LCD display Uniform Detection Field Floor-to-archway uniform coverage Overhead Control Unit All electronics— LCD, alarm light, LED bar graph, control touchpads— integrated to eliminate wire exposure Tamper-Proof Settings Via computerized access codes Self Diagnostic Program Complete and automatic Ankle Boost Sensitivity Three levels Easy Portability Lightweight yet rugged design Easy Assembly Only four ( 4) pieces and eight ( 8) screws.

Simple-to-follow instructions. Optional Battery Pack Provides up to 20 hours backup Warranty 24 months, Limited Parts/ Labor Passageway

Interior Size

Width 30" ( 0.76 m)

Height 80" ( 2.03 m)

Depth 23" ( 0.58 m)

Overall Exterior Size

Width 35" ( 0.90 m)

Height 87" ( 2.21 m)

Depth 23" ( 0.58 m)

Shipping Size

Width 35.5" ( 0.90 m)

Height 91.5" ( 2.32 m)

Depth 6.25" ( .16 m)

Shipping Weight 135 lbs. ( 61.2 kg)

Temperatures Operating: -4º F ( -20º C) to + 122º F ( 50º C) Humidity to 95% non-condensing Storage: -40º F ( -40º C) to 158º F ( 70º C) Power Fully automatic 100 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hertz, 24 watts; no rewiring, switching or adjustments needed.

Regulatory Information Meets Electrical Safety and Compatibility Requirements for CE, FCC, CSA, IEC, ICNIRP and IEEE.

Weatherproofing Meets IP 31, IEC Standard.

“ Degrees of Protection provided by Enclosures, ” IEC 529. Construction Attractive scratch and mar-resistant laminate.

Detection Heads and Support: heavy duty aluminum.

Control Outputs Solid state switches ( low voltage AC or DC) for operating external alarms and control devices. Remote Control ( optional) Desktop Remote Control and/ or via network with CMA Interface Module.

Alarm Indicators/ Random

Alarm Feature Left, right, center

zones: audible, visual, remote alarms.

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