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Hartindo AF31

Hartindo AF31

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
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After many years of research, testing and analyzing the drawbacks of all conventional fire fighting media such as Water, Dry Powder, Foam, Halon and CO2 attention was focused on their weakness, in terms of reignition, environmental impact as well as toxicity to humans, animals and plants.

Hartindo AF31 is

  • Environment Friendly” non Ozone Depleting Solution
  • Water based, biodegradable and non toxic
  • Clean, requires no specialised clean up procedures
  • In portable form it is effective on all classes of fire (Class A, B, C, D and F/K)
  • Easy to use with it’s fast knockdown
  • Extinguish fire, render objects non-flammable, preventing re-ignition
  • Can be delivered by conventional water or foam dispersal systems
  • Suitable for use in all water or foam tenders without modification
  • Rapid extinction with no reignition creating a safe escape route for rescue
  • Most effective media for creating fire breaks when fighting forest fire
  • Suitable for fire training purposes

Hartindo AF 31 Testing Labs :

ASTM E84-07, UL723, NFPA255, LC50 LD50 (US FDA)
1. Portable Hartindo AF 31
Hartindo AF 31 is effective for all classes of fires :

- A ( solid, carboneous materials )

- B ( flammable fuels, tinner, etc)

- C ( gas, electricity fires/ energyzed fires )

- D ( metal fire, oxidizing fires )

2. Forest Fire

There are generally 3 classes of forest fire:
Ground Fire Normally burns at or below the surface of the ground
Surface Fire Utilizes fuels that are located above the ground surfacebut below the canopy

Crown Fire Supported by fuel located in the tree canopy

By boxing or circling the targeted area with Hartindo AF31 as Fire Break lines prior to slash and burn (land clearing) or to prevent the spread of forest fire. For tall trees above 15m, the width of fire break needs to be at least 15m. Low trees (5-10m) requires 5 to 10m wide fire break line.

For a relatively small fire, bombs can be directed to the heart of fire to extinguish or break the fire concentration enabling the ground crew to mop up.

Large fires require several sorties to circle the fire leaving it to self extinguish.
Suitable for
- Ground / Surface Forest Fire
- Crown Forest Fire
- Fire break lines for Slash & Burn land clearing