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HC-208 Self-Contained Smoke Detector Hong-Chang

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05 / 12 / 2020
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1 Unit


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Detail HC-208 Self-Contained Smoke Detector Hong-Chang

HC-208 Self-Contained Smoke Detector Hong-Chang Ç REACTS TO INVISIBLE SMOKE AT THE EARLIEST STAGE OF FIRE. Ç OWNERS MANUAL, 9 VOLT BATTERY OPERATED SMOKE ALARM. Ç FEATURING AN ION CHAMBER. Ç VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE FREE. Ç CAN BE CONNECTED TO A NORMAL ELECTRIC CURRENT. Ç A COMMON ACTION IS AVAILABLE, ALL ALARMS CAN BE CONNECTED WITH EACH OTHER. Operation The Smoke Alarm is operating once the battery is connected. When products of combustion are sensed, the unit sounds a loud pulsating alarm until the air is cleared. Specifications Model HC-208 Rated Voltage DC 9V Testing Ambient Tube 32° F to 120° F Radioactive Source AM 241 0.9¼ ci Weight 158g Body Modified Polycarbonate Note Smoke Alarm must be tested regularly to make sure the batteries and alarm circuits are in good operation condition. AVOID THESE LOCATIONS / Do not locate your Alarm in / ' The Kitchen-Smoke from cooking might cause an unwanted alarm. ' The Garage-Products of combustion are present when you start your vehicle. ' In front of forced air ducts used for heating and air conditioning and other high air flow areas. ' In peak of an " A " frame type ceiling. ' In areas where temperatures may fall below 40° F of above 100° F. ( 5° C to 38° C) ' In dusty areas, dust particles may cause Smoke Alarms to false alarm or fail to alarm. ' In very humid areas or near a bathroom, moisture can cause false alarm.
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