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HC-602 Self-Contained Flame Detector Hong-Chang

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03 / 12 / 2020
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Detail HC-602 Self-Contained Flame Detector Hong-Chang

HC-602 Self-Contained Flame Detector Hong-Chang Ç ULTRAVIOLET SENSING TUBE IS USED AS DETECTION METHOD FOR HIGH SENSITIVITY AND RELIABLITY Ç WIDE DETECTION RANGE ( 120° ) Ç OWNERS MANUAL, 9 VOLT BATTERY OPERATED FLAME ALARM. Ç CAN BE CONNECTED TO A NORMAL ELECTRIC CURRENT Ç A COMMON ACTION IS AVAILABLE, ALL ALARMS CON BE CONNECTED WITH EACH OTHER. Operation The flame alarm is operating once the battery is connected. When flame of combusion are sensed, the unit sound a loud alarm until the flame is extinguished. The battery should provide operation for at least one year under normal operation conditions. Specifications Model HC-602 Rated Voltage DC 9V Testing Ambient Tube 32° F to 120° F Ultraviolet Detection Tube U.V Tron Detection Angle 120° Weight 142g Body Modified Polycarbonate Noted The following items contains ultraviolet light. Care should be taken to avoid direct exposure to such sources because of the possibility of erroneous detection. Lighting fixtures, projectors, etc....with direct radiation from halogen lamps Direct radiation of sunlight. Sparks from insect killers. When there is dirt accumulated on the ultraviolet sensing tube, the sensitivity is reduced. The tube should be cleaned with a neutral cleanser on a regular schedule.
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