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Hong-Chang | Fire alarm control panel

Hong-Chang | Fire alarm control panel

Update Terakhir 19 / 11 / 2020
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Detail Hong-Chang | Fire Alarm Control Panel

Fire alarm control panel Hong-Chang Explanation of Various Functions of the Machine ' Automatic Test Function The machine can self perfrom automatic scanning test for an internal return motion or circuit break inside the switchboard, to facilitate the maintenance/ repair test motion to turn from complication into simplicity, and upgrade work performance and reliance of the mainframe. ' Storage Function The return detection shall only go through confirmation of a fixed period of time prior to engagemement of alarm motion, to reduce the disturbance and error report situation of general circuits, and upgrade the reliability of the mainframe. ' Reserved Power Protection Device Under the condition of power suspension, the reserved power with a power release till below DC-18V, power discharge will be automatically stopped, to extend the battery service life. ' Quality Control The parts used for the operation panel of the Machine and internal base borad are all through CN Squality recognition; the mainframe before ex-plant shall go through a strict test to ensure service function to be normal and without an error. ' Humanistic Design The internal base boards are all in modular design; the external line output/ input is separated by a terminal board; and due protection measures are provided to the input terminal. If an insitu wrong connection of external power into a return board, it is only required to replace the return board of the said return, without a need of dismantling external distributing circuits, to facilitate the maintenance/ inspection performance to be upgraded considerably. ' Outlook Design High class feat resistant plastic material is applied for the return display panel of the Machine. The outlook is in streamline, simple and graceful. It is coped up with return indication plate, building unit attribte, floor level, with easily preceived return attribute. ' Other Applications The furnction and the paging mainframe with emergency telephone mainfarme manufactured by the Company are complied into one entity with 3 machines, to attain a conformity of case frame and outlook. Characteristics of the Machine Characteristics Automatic test function Storage function Reserved Power protection Qualtity control Humanistic design Outlook design Simple circuit layout Advantages Automatic scanning test of internal return Upgrade reliance, reduce wrong report ratio Upgrade battery life Upgrade reliability of mainframe Convenient for fabrication Easy to understand the motion of the mainframe & return panel outlook is beautiful Apply 2 units of super large type circuit slot, to ensure easy circuit layout Advantages in Use Uperade work performance, time saving, labor saving Avoid nonsense work hour consumption Save maintenance/ repair cost, battery consumption Reduce maintence cost, increase revenue Upgrade work performance, time saving Easy to facilitate a user to operate Save circuit trimming time, labor saving External Dimension Case type lron rolling door Circuit No 1L H( mm) 180 W( mm) 180 D( mm) 75 Case type Wall hanging type Circuit No 5L-10L H( mm) 400 W( mm) 300 D( mm) 120 Case type Wall hanging type Circuit No 15L-20L H( mm) 580 W( mm) 300 D( mm) 120 Case type Wall hanging type Circuit No 35L-40L H( mm) 700 W( mm) 480 D( mm) 180 Case type Wall hanging type Circuit No 40L-50L H( mm) 760 W( mm) 480 D( mm) 180 Case type Wall hanging type Circuit No 55L-60L H( mm) 840 W( mm) 480 D( mm) 200 Case type Wall hanging type Circuit No 65L-80L H( mm) 1195 W( mm) 480 D( mm) 200 Case type Wall hanging type Circuit No 85L-100L H( mm) 1350 W( mm) 480 D( mm) 200 Case type Ground falling type Circuit No 100L-150L H( mm) 1800 W( mm) 580 D( mm) 260/ 360 Case type Ground falling type Circuit No 155L-170L H( mm) 2000 W( mm) 580 D( mm) 260/ 360 Specification List Content of specification HC-AL ltem Model Power ( AC) : AC110V - 50/ 60Hz Reserved power : DC24V Charging Voltage/ Current : DC26V 450mAbelow Circuit Voltage/ Current : DC24V short circuit voltage below 5V 32mA Return external circuit resistance : Black& forth below50 Detector installation : Differential type, fixed-temperature type smoke detector( DC24V 80uA) a smoke detector can be accessed for no more than 18 units each L Terminal resiatance : 10K Quantity of indication : 1.3 times of the panel return Regional alarm quantity : 1.3 times of the panel return Material of machine frame : 1.6m/ m-2.0m/ mstandard material Main stereo : Double noise above BUZZER 92db Connection joint for transfer report : No voltage connector capacity AC150V7A Controller of an iron rolling door : generally applicable to 100V~ 220V
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