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Jet Fire Hose Latex | Fire Hose | Selang Pemadam kebakaran

Jet Fire Hose Latex | Fire Hose | Selang Pemadam kebakaran

Update Terakhir 19 / 11 / 2020
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Detail Jet Fire Hose Latex | Fire Hose | Selang Pemadam Kebakaran

LATEX were the original hoses in the JET HOSE range and they have made a major contribution to the success of Ashimori. LATEX hoses feature a strong, thin, durable latex lining applied to a woven jacket with ToughEdge. They are lighter, more compact and easier to handle than other rubber lined fire hoses, features which have made them popular around the world.  eatures 1. Most lightweight and compact of all rubber lined hoses. 2. ToughEdge jacket resists abrasion, cuts and nicks. 3. Easy handling. 4. High water dischage efficiency thanks to reduced friction loss. ensure durability. Size product LATEX ACE LATEX DIA LATEX STAR A-0NE Working Pressure 229p.s.i. ( 16kg/ cm2) 186p.s.i. ( 13kg/ cm2) 186p.s.i. ( 13kg/ cm2) 143p .s.i. ( 10kg/ cm2) Test Pressure 500p.s.i. ( 35kq/ cm2) 450p.s.i. ( 31kg/ cm2) 400p.s.i. ( 28kg/ cm2) 300p .s di. ( 21kg/ cm2) 2 1/ 23 ( 65mm) Weight/ 20m 16.0lbs( 7.2kg) 13.9lbs( 6.3kg) 13.4lbs( 6.1kg) 13.4lbs( 6.1kg) Coiling Dia. 18.13( 46cm) 16.13( 41cm) 15.43( 39cm) 15.43( 39cm) Burstiing Pressure 814p.s.i. ( 57kg/ cm2) 686p.s.i. ( 48kg/ cm2) 600p.s.i. ( 42kg/ cm2) 600p .s.i. ( 42kg/ cm2) 23 ( 50mm) Weight/ 20m 15.1lbs( 6.8kg) 9.7lbs( 4.4kg) - - Coili ng Dia. 17.33( 44cm) 16.13( 41cm) - - Burstiing Pressure 857p.s.i.( 60kg/ cm2) 729p.s.i.( 5.1kg/ cm2) - - 1 1/ 23 ( 40mm) Weight/ 20m 11.5lbs( 5.2kg) 8.4lbs( 3.8kg) 8.4lbs( 3.8kg) 8.4lbs( 3. 8kg) Coiling Dia. 15.43( 39cm) 15.43( 39cm) 14.63( 37cm) 14.63( 37cm) Burstiing Pressure 857p.s.i. ( 60kg/ cm2) 814p.s.i. ( 57kg/ cm2) 814p.s.i. ( 57kg/ cm2) 471p .s.i. ( 33kg/ cm2)