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Jet Shooter S

Jet Shooter S

Update Terakhir 10 / 12 / 2019
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Backpack Water Tank for Fire FightingJet Shooter Series Hand Pump Style

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Suitable for handling after flaming in a forest fire, simple and convenient backpack water tank for firefighting.
It is made up of the hand pump and the bag holding the water, and is a simple-to-manage fire fighting device. It can be set up in two model types, with the traditional Jet Shooter S and with the economical Jet Shooter EV, which can cover a broad range of customer needs. The respective model types use the same high-performance hand pump, and the bag also adopts a special configuration that can be used for long periods of time without fatigue.

Jet Shooter S

Simple to Manage, Traditional Product


Features of the Bag

  • For the body of the bag, the best rubber treated material is used in the nylon base fabric. 
  • This makes it lightweight and robust. In addition, since pads are used in the bands order to provide cushioning for the backpack, digging of the bands into the shoulders is minimized.
  • Moreover, the feed water inlet is large, so that it is possible to refill the water directly without taking off the backpack bag.

Features of the Hand Pump

  • It is simple to manage, and it's possible to switch between direct spraying and misting.
  • The body has a highly durable design, so that even the appearance of unevenness or slight dents in the cylinder due to impacts do not interrupt the discharge of the water. 
    (The hand pump is common to both the S type and the EV type.)