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Depot Safety is the No. 1 Occupational Health and Safety Service Company in Indonesia

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LIGHTBAR Lightbar atau yang lebih umum dikenal dengan sebutan rotary. Kami menyediakan dari model rotari ( berputar) , Strobe ( Flash/ Berkedip ) , dan Led ( Berkedip ) , dengan model dan bentuk bermacam-macam, buatan China, Australia, dan Amerika. Detil Keterangan Products Features ? Message Board size: 543x75mm ? High quality LED message board installed on the rear of lightbar ? Stand flashing display for a word less than 10 letters ? Scrolling display for a word over than 10 letters ? Moving display of directional arrow from left side to right side, or from right side to left sides, or from center to both sides ? Mini keyboards and LCD screen for easy operation ? The color of LED clusters on the front of lightbar is optional 1. Summary This product adopts double-layer aluminum alloy boards structure and sector design, which has distinct outline stronger percussion-resistant capability, and is not easy to lose color and get aged. Moreover, the caution light has good sealing and water-proof. Several LED lights are distributed as a ring and give out strong flash from each direction. On the back of it, there has a English display screen on it, Even in extremely complicated, circumstances, it can transmit emergency signal correctly. 2. The main capability parameter 2.1. The rated work voltage: DC12V( Permit range DC 10.8~ 13.8 V) DC24V( Permit range DC21~ 27 V) . 2.2. The length of the light: 1.16m. 2.3. The max. lightened bound: > 800LX. 2.4. The environment temperature: -40  ~ + 50  . 2.5. Waste currant: < 11A 3. Explanation 3.1. Installation of the warning light bar 3.1.1. Put light bar on the back of the vehicle, base on the vehicle? s size, adjusting the frame to fit it, And Then making the catch button the rainwater line on both side of the bodywork and screwing the nut by wrench. ( Re. Figure 2 below) 3.1.2. After installed, firstly, firm plug the controller to the light bar. Then connect the two main electrical wires to the auto? s storage battery ( red to + , black to -) .( Re. Figure 3 below) 3.1.3. After checking, then turn on the switch of controller to control the light bar working. 3.2. Controller and keyboard Figure 1 controller and keyboard 3.2.1. Controller 1. SWITCH 1: control power supply of display screen. 2. SWITCH 2: control power supply of alley lights. 3. SWITCH 3: control power supply of main flash lights. 4. KEYBOARD AREA: dial keyboard to type words and come true every function. 5. LCD DISPLAY SCREEN: monitor what the LED display screen showing and what now entering, begin open SWITCH 1 it display ? ? , press ? ? ? key to exit this mode, then dial keyboard? to enter word, 48 characters are the most can enter, exceed 31 words the LCD display screen will move up a row, exceed 48 characters the LCD display screen will clear the screen. 3.2.2. Keyboard 1. TYPE WORDS: 2. Click, double click, thrice click, quartic click or quintic click the 0~ 9 key, choose the number or letter or punctuation. After typed the words, press the ? Enter? key to send the words to LED display screen. ? For example: when you want to type ? A? , you Click the ? 2? key; when you want to type ? B? , you double click ? 2? key; when you want to type ? S? , you quartic click the ? 7? key. 1. If you typed the wrong word, press ? ? ? key can back clear a word Press ? ? ? key for 3 second can clear the screen. 2. ? Press ? Caps Lock? can change lowercase or capital. 3. It most can enter 48 character 4. WORDS STORE AND TRANSFER: ? After type the text which you want to store, at the same time press ? Shift? and ? 1? key, the words will be store in ? 1? key, when you want to transfer the text, firstly you press ? Shift? and ? Caps lock? at the same time, for change the mode to the ? save transfer? mode, then press ? 1? key, the stored words will be send to the LED display screen. As the same way, you can store or transfer the text in ? 0? ~ ? 9? . It most can store ten messages; a messages most can save 31 words long. If press ? Shift? and ? Caps lock? once more, it will change the mode to the ? type word? mode over again. 1. TRAFFIC DIRECTION FUNCTION: Press ? Ctrl? can choose direct mode. ? ? Means LED screen display the arrowhead flash to right and left at the same time. ? = = ? Means LED screen display full flash, these two modes can use when vehicle drive in usual. ? > ? Means LED screen display the arrowhead flash towards right, this mode can use when vehicle drive turn to right. ? < ? Mean LED screen display the arrowhead flash towards left, this mode can use when vehicle drive turn to left. 3.2.3. LED display screen 1. Enter inside 5 words, it display big style and flashing.
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