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PROTEK 1-1/ 2 spray nozzle

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19 / 11 / 2020
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1 Unit


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Detail PROTEK 1-1/ 2 Spray Nozzle

Handline Nozzle Protek Style # 366 1.5" Selectable Gallonage Constant flow selectable gallonage nozzle with multi flow settings Selected flow remains constant regardless of pattern change Multi pattern detents for positive positioning of pattern Combination of fog and straight stream Superb wide fog pattern for optimum personal protection Flush without shutting down Standard optimum operating pressure 100 psi ( 7bar) Excellence performance at pressure as low as 50 psi ( 3.5 bar) Conforms to all aspects of NFPA 1964 ( Spray nozzles, shutoff and tips) 2003 edition Raised lug for flashover fog pattern Newly improved handle with two reinforced metal pieces on each side to prevent breakage Specification Protek Style # 366 Length : 8.5" Weight ( Lbs) : 3.5 Flow GPM : 30-60-95-125 Flow LPM : 115-230-360-475
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